Resin Research Epoxy Resin


$175.00 per Gallon or a 3 Gallon kit for 500.00

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Resin Research Project 21 system in the 2000 with the 2001F hardener

This base resin system was originally developed for lightweight hand lay up composite systems. It’s unique four way flex controlled resin ensemble gives the engineer more latitude in developing production systems than any other resin system available today.

The balance of excellent color, UV stability, varying hardener speeds, easy mix ratios, extremely low vapor pressure, excellent chemical adhesion and high gloss finish make this resin system easy to use and an effective production contributor to everyone from the small craftsman to large scale producers.

Newly available in all of our formulations is our CE package.  The CE package contains an optical brightner and a UV stablizer.  The optical brightner gives the resin a slight blue color and makes products appear whiter.  The UV absorber is a shield which blocks damaging UV rays from your substrate.  Many wood products, foam products and even paints are UV sensitive and our CE package will significantly postpone damage to these coated surfaces.

Resin Research is $175.00 per gallon