Fiberglass Cloth, Board Building Supplies


Please call for availability of products due to ever changing inventory. Also if you don’t it, call.

Fiberglass cloth [e glass] 6oz x 39.3″ wide. $8.50 per yard.

Cabosil  40 grams $13.00. 180 grams 22.00. Usually in stock.

Glass Bubbles 100 grams 13.00. 400 grams 22.00. Usually in stock.

FCS Tri fin jig sets $45.00

FCS Fin box 10″ $25.00

FCS single plug x2 $10.00

FCS single box fusion $10.00

FCS leash plug $8.00

Goretex vent plug $34.00

FCS Fusion router template 85.00

FCS fusion router bit $60.00

VFS fitting kit $38.00

FCS sup handle $20.00

FCS dummy fin set $35.00

FCS II router template jig 95.00

FCS Preglass router bit cut $160.00



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