3.5 m Takuma Wing Ride

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At Takuma, we make a point of always being a step ahead of the rest to provide
you with innovative performance products providing rides that are always more intense.

This is exactly what Wing Ride 3 stands for.

It embodies the birth of a new riding sports generation that emphasizes freedom of movement and simplicity!

Inspired by Kite and WindSurfing, the Wing Ride provides an immediate feeling of acceleration, without lines, masts or harnesses.
Simple and practical design allow seamless adaptability for all spots with all types of equipment.

Delivered with: Wing / Backpack / Pump / Repair kit

Ideal for not only Foil practice, the Wing Ride will also complement SUP practice (Long SUP, ISUP) or even fun on a skateboard from only 12 knots. Ultra compact and light, it can be carried everywhere and inflated in 1 minute. Thanks to the different sizes availble, even the youngest can enjoy it.

Our Wing Ride was designed to provide simple and high performance flight . The thick profile of the center strut optimizes power and the dihedral shape maximises stability. The large central window provides the rider with a 360° view for maximum safety while the reinforced rigid handles ensure perfect and comfortable control.

Finally, reinforcement on all leading edge seams and kevlar protection on ears (aramid) protect the wing from friction and all practice related hazards for better long life sustainability.
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Pump not included

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