Sic Maui’s 11′ x 29″ Sonic


SONIC (AT) 11’0″ x 29.0″ ART

Ref. 103733

$1410.00 With Paddle and Leash. Blue only

The NEW Sonic 11’0” is the most durable fitness, touring and recreational race boards on the market. Offered at an extremely affordable price point, the Sonic provides a smooth and effortless paddling experience. Whether paddling flatwater, cruising lakes, rivers or the open ocean, touring the Sonic will provide the durable performance you are looking for. It is designed for paddlers looking for a board with excellent glide, stability and versatility.

The Sonic is also one of the boards leading the initiative for ONE CLASS racing . ONE CLASS is an evolution of the ONE DESIGN race class. The difference in ONE CLASS as opposed to ONE DESIGN is many brands can participate in this class with the goal of providing an affordable, fair and fun race class and format. This endeavors to grow the sport and recreational race participants. The boards are certified for quality, specification and weight tolerance so that everyone is racing on equivalent gear.
The SONIC (AT) 11’0″ x 29″ ART comes standard with:
– ACE-TEC (AT) construction which utilizes a polymer outer skin for impact resistance and incredible durability,
– Digitally printed graphics
– 9.0” FCS Connect Touring fin
– Smooth textured EVA pad
– Ergo-Undercut handle
– Bungee tie downs
– Leash plug

Ideal user weight: 170 lbs/75
Length 11’0″
Width 29.0″
Weight 27 lbs
Volume 220 L
Fins setup Single
Fins supplied 9.0” FCS CONNECT TOUR

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