RS Pro Paddle Blade Edge Protection

Highest quality, best looking paddle blade edge protection on the market
Protection for the edge of your paddle blade from scratches and nicks.
Pack of 2 RSPro Edge Savers: protection for 2 paddle blades. Perfect for kayak paddles, for protecting 2 SUP paddles or as a spare, as some paddlers can damage it. 
Keep your paddle blade new and safe. Higher reselling value.
Colourful at the edge (pick your color) and transparent at the blade.
Impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight.
Optimised size to protect the most vulnerable area of any paddle in the market.
Super-easy installation. Pre-cut and allows repositioning while installing.
Won’t yellow over time.
Does not affect water flow.
Design&manufacturing in Barcelona.
2 Edge Savers of 60cm (2’) x 1,8cm (0.7″) elastic 300 micron PU for high impact and abrasion resistance with the minimum weight.
Colourful at the center (pick your color), with the RSPro logo at each side, and transparent at the blade.
UV resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive.