NRS Escape Inflatable SUP available in 12’6



Inflatables can be plagued with problems and issues. The Sup markets are loaded with cheap box store or mega expensive Isup’s. We actually gave up selling these because of this. Our out look on Isup’s changed last year with NRS’s new line up of inflatables.
Inflatables have a very bad reputation of paddling like a snow plow, pushing a large wake in front of the board. The NRS Escape inflatables have minimized this by adding a proper rocker {banana shape} to the board, very much like their expensive competitor.
Secondly NRS addressed the major problem with Isup’s. The over inflating issue. Lets say you pump your Isup up to or close to max air pressure {Lets say 18 PSI}. The air temp is 10c when you do this. You spend all day at the beach and the air temp is now 25c. Because of this temp change, the air inside your Isup has expanded and is now majorly over inflated, this could lead to a dangerous situation of you board blowing apart or your board leaking air at the seams.
NRS has addressed this with the leafield pressure relief valve. Once the air pressure inside the NRS Isup hits over 20 psi, The relief valve opens and lets air pressure out until it drops back to 20 psi, therefore alleviating this major safety issue.
Give us a call and we talk about the pro’s and con’s of Isups.

11’6 x 32 Escape at 326lts $1675.00
12’6 x 30 Escape at 335lts $1745.00
14′ x 29 Escape at 363lts $1795.00
*Add a paddle for $80.00**

Built for going fast and going far, the NRS Escape Inflatable SUP Boards deliver the efficiency for after-work attainment paddles and the carrying capacity for overnight tours.
With heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch construction and double sidewalls for increased durability, NRS SUPs can handle the abrasion and abuse of an adventurous lifestyle.
Inflates to 20 psi (1.379 bar) for super rigid performance and folds compactly for easy storage and transport.
Escape SUPs feature our proprietary Axis Technology™ plus a 15 cm wide stiffening band stiffness and performance without adding weight or making the board harder to fold and store.
Removable, interchangeable, nylon-reinforced plastic fins let you customize your setup and absorb impacts without breaking.
Six D-rings on the nose and four D-rings on the tail come rigged and ready with bungee cord out of the box.
Features two additional D-rings for attaching a water bottle and leash.
Top-quality Leafield D7 inflation/deflation valve for unsurpassed reliability.
Pressure relief valve prevents accidental over-inflation.
Three sturdy handles, one in the center of the deck for hauling solo, and one on both the nose and tail for carrying with a buddy or to aid in a swim.
Includes a high-pressure pump with pressure gauge, one Touring fin, one Grass fin, carry bag and repair kit.
Three-year retail warranty, one-year commercial.

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