Kracken Monster Sup 20′ x 60″ USED

$3,299.99 $1,750.00

USED Kraken Air 20″ x 60″ x 8″  @1400L  $1500.00 Board only.
Shipping available

With dimensions of 20’0 x 60″ x 8″, the Blue Planet Kraken Air iSUP is a surf and stand up paddleboard inspired raft designed for fun in the waves and on flat water. It is easy to inflate with three inflation valves (one at the nose and two at the tail) and features numerous handles evenly spaced along the rails for holding on when dropping in on waves. The Kraken iSUP is made of a high grade PVC vinyl, designed for maximum durability. The board rolls up easy into a travel convenient size so that you and your friends can take it anywhere for fun.

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