Blue Planet 12’6″ x 29″ Dark Horse Wide

$1,999.99 $1,800.00

The 12’6″x 29″ is a flatwater race/tour board, replacing the BP 12’6 x 30 tour model. The square tail makes this board very stable and at the same time giving minimal drag. This is a true cross over board, ride all day and win the race tomorrow.

The Dark Horse Wide is all about maximizing fluid dynamic efficiency for new racers who also want a little stability. The displacement hull easily cuts through the water with minimal drag, the outline contributes to excellent glide and tracking, while the tail mitigates resistance and wake with the increased surface area. Even with all of that performance, the board is relatively stable at 29″ of width. The flat rocker line allows the Dark Horse wide to excel in calm/flat water conditions and offers excellent racing & tour performance.

Comes with a Board, Board Bag, Leash and Adjustable Paddle. “with paddle upgrade option”

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