Blue Planet Tour Tuf Tech SOLD OUT


The All New For  2018

Blue Planet’s Tuf Tech Tour Sup.

The Tour Tech is designed for the entry/mid level paddler who doesn’t want a all round Sup. Tour boards are what 80% of land locked SUP’ers should be riding. The Tour Tech is a Mega durable and light weight board, at a price to fit any budget. This ride has a pile of rigging points on the nose and tail and can handle a swack o gear, for day or weekend trips.

The Blue Planet TUF-Tech (ThermoUltraFlex-Technology) is a new board construction developed by Blue Planet Surf for 2017 and revamped for 2018. This board construction is all about maximizing two factors: durability and cost convenience.
Although the core of the board features your traditional EPS foam, ideal for keeping the total board weight down, the external layers are made from an ABS and PC plastic. ABS plastic offers impact resistance and flexibility while the PC layer provides stiffness and scratch resistance. Pair these two materials together and you have an unbelievably durable board perfect for getting you started in the SUP world.
Our TUF-Tech models feature many of the classic bells and whistles found on our traditional epoxy/bamboo boards, including our patented SUPGrip handle, EVA microdot deck pads, vent plug and GoPro FCS mount.
This board is designed for intro paddlers ranging in weight from 150lbs – 250lbs, and will work well for intermediate paddlers who vary in weight from around 200lbs – to over 300lbs.

package includes: Board, deck pad, 3 fins, 2pc adjustable paddle & leash

The new Tuff Tech boards are super durable. Rocks, Docks, Doors and Kids? NO WORRIES