The unique 360 balance challenge of our patent-pending design is optimized to simulate the balance required in boardsports, including surfing, stand up paddleboarding, foiling, skateboarding, snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing and kitesurfing, and any sport that benefits from good balance skills. With seven unique balance challenges from easy to extra challenging, it’s also great for physical therapy to strengthen muscles, joints, mobility work, and recovery after injury as the balance difficulty can be increased gradually and for use while working at a standing desk.
What initially started as a quest for comfort, has now evolved into a patent pending design that provides 7 different levels of balance challenge in 1 tool-less Board. Competing and training for long distance races like the Molokai to Oahu race kept me in shape but I was still experiencing back and neck discomfort after long days at my computer. My chiropractor recommended raising my monitor to eye level, and I realized if I mounted it on an arm I could use it as a standing desk as well. Standing up regularly helped my back but I was still prone to bad posture and would constantly lean against my desk and load one hip with all my weight. But after using an old balance rocker board I used for SUP training, I noticed how my posture improved from the small balance rocker which was requiring me to stand upright and centered yet still allowed me to focus on my work. I began prototyping new balance board versions, hired a 3D designer to perfect the prototype design, researched manufacturers and here we are today.

We raised over 300% of our funding goal on kickstarter and are now extending pre-orders here on Indiegogo.


Robert Stehlik, founder and owner of Blue Planet Surf


The Balance Surfer in office mode is an ideal way to improve posture, engage the core, and increase blood flow while remaining fully focused when working at a standing desk.

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