Beatnic Sup Rack, wooden hands


This Beatnik Wooden Hands SUP Rack is a unique wall rack made to show off your stand up paddle board with flare. When attached to the wall, the rack rests with its palms up as if it’s a real pair of hands holding your SUP. Inspired by the styles of the Beat Generation movement from the 1950s, this rack is as much a piece of artwork as it is a functional board rack.

This rack is designed to hold your SUP in the palms of the hands with the fingertips showing in front of the board. One of the fingertips on each hand has a small peg that prevents your SUP from slippig off of the rack. The hands also have a strip of padding in the center to protect and support your board’s rail.

Because the hands have a versatile curved shape, this rack can be used to hold a lot more than just stand up paddle boards. Use it to store items like your longboard, fishing poles, paddles, or even artwork!
This wooden hands rack comes as a set of 2 hands with mounting hardware. If you like this style rack, but need one that fits your smaller surfboard, check out the Beatnik Wooden Hands Surfboard Rack, the little brother to this beatnik wooden rack for SUPs.

Product Dimensions
Distance from base (on the wall) to fingertips: about 14 inches
Distance from peg to the back of the hand (where the board rests): 6.5 inches
Width of palm: 5.5 inches
Width of fingers: 4.5 inches


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