Nose, Tail Guards and Rigging Kits

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Wake Surf & Shortboard

Easy to apply peel, stick, surf! Designed to fit “traditional” short boards, “fishes” and “guns.”  Available in clear, black, blue, green, red, smoke, yellow and pink.

Diamond Tip

stick, surf!!! Designed to fit the ultra thin flip nose tips.
Available in black, white, grey, red or blue.

Jumbo Nose Guard
Long Board – $29.99
Jumbo SUP – $49.99

This Jumbo Nose Guard is perfect for stand up paddle boards.
Protect your investment with this Jumbo Nose Guard.

Easy to apply peel, stick and surf! Designed to protect the tail of your surfboard from dings and will not affect board performance!  It will fit most shortboards, longboards, squash, round, pin, diamond, and swallow tails.

Jumbo Tail Guard

JUMBO Tail guard also available for SUP boards.
Available in clear, black and white.

Deck & Stomp Pads

Gorilla Stomp Pads. Available in dozens of shapes and colours. See for all available choices.

Rigging Kits
2 kit – $38
4 kit – $45
6 kit – $55

Made for paddleboards, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and other fiberglass marine crafts. The EZ-Plug Deck Rigging Kit helps you put a bungee deck rigging system where you want it. The kit includes EZ Plugs, super glue, bungee cord, and instructions. Length of the bungee for up to 20″ between

Loop knot the end for easy adjusting of bungee cord tension. Attaches to flat fiberglass surfaces. NO TOOLS OR DRILLING. Available in kits of 2, 4 or 6 EZ Plugs