How to Care for Your Stand Up Paddleboard

Keep out of direct sunlight when not in use – If it’s a hot sunny day don’t let your SUP board bake in the sun for any period of time!

The core of your SUP board is constructed of EPS foam and can expand and contract when subjected to extreme temperatures and/or direct sunlight. The release valve is designed to limit this expansion by allowing air to escape and keep your board safe from damage. Your release valve is not “care free”┬Łand requires some small adjustments (tight while in use and loose while not in use).

Please follow these simple tips to ensure a long life for your board:

  1. Do not leave your board strapped tight to your vehicle for extended periods of time, especially not in the sun. You can leave gouges in the rails. Relieve tension on straps when you’re not driving. Tighten them again when you’re ready to hit the road.
  2. The board is hard, but not bullet proof. You can put a hole or crack in it if you ride it up onto shore, bang it off of rocks or docks etc…
  3. NEVER put a cracked or damaged board in the water. Unless the damage is superficial like a scratch or chip, you could water log the board and ruin it.
  4. Always place your board with the traction pad facing the ground (fin up) when outdoors. The traction pad can quickly heat up when exposed to direct sunlight and bake your board. Someone could step on your board and snap the fin.
  5. Tighten the valve screw while in use. Water going into the valve hole will water log and ruin your board. Loosen valve while not in use.
  6. NEVER leave your board in direct sunlight for ANY length of time when its not in use. Keep it in the shade at all times or in a sun reflective board bag.
  7. Store in a well ventilated area where the temperature will not change rapidly and will not exceed 35 degrees.

These boards are meant to be used and enjoyed in the outdoors and in the sun. With a little care you will have no problems and your SUP will provide years and years of fun.