Rhino Rack T-Load Towball Mount

The Rhino-Rack T-Load Tow Ball Mount will allow you to easily load and unload your SUP or long, heavy cargo by yourself. The single person use T-Load mounts to a 50mm tow ball and features an anti-swivel plate designed to stop any tow ball sway. Simply lower the T-Load and using it as a leverage load your SUP, kayak, canoe, ladder or any long and heavy gear onto your vehicle’s roof with ease. Rhino-Rack is making it easier to do what you want, when you want.

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The T-Load Hitch Mount comes with a Rhino-Rack Vortex bar included. With this you have the option to select from a massive range of Rhino-Rack accessories to fit your new crossbar. (Heavy Duty bars are sold separately). Included with the T-Load Hitch Mount is the RTLK sling kit which is the perfect accessory to load your SUP, kayak or canoe.

But wait there’s more! Also included with the T-Load is a fitting kit to attach your crossbars directly to the top of the T-Load and we’ve also thrown in a non-slip mat to stop slippage when loading on your watercraft.

Don’t forget, Australian laws state that you MUST display your vehicle’s number plate with no obstruction, so make sure you pick up a Rhino-Rack T-Load Number Plate Holder.
Please note: Depending on the size of your SUP, you may require an extra T-Load Sling Kit (RTLK) for loading. Please seek your local dealer for more information.

Single person use
Adjustable height and tilt position (min height: 950mm, max height: 1540mm)
Anti Swivel Plate
Suits Rhino-Rack Vortex and Heavy Duty Crossbars
Fits 50mm tow balls

Comes with:
1x Rhino-Rack Vortex Crossbar
1x T-Load Sling Kit (RTLK)
1x Fitting Kit
1x Non slip mat