Ecopoxy Epoxy Resin for UV Applications “UVepoxy”


$170.00 Per 4 Liter kit.

EcoPoxy Resin and Clear Hardener is a 100% solids crystal clear epoxy laminating systems for extreme performance and demanding visual applications including carbon fiber skinning, board manufacturing and wood finishing. The system is formulated for the manufacturing of composites parts or wood laminates while retaining some flex for improved fatigue performance such as for surfboards and provides high end finish aspects requirements. EcoPoxy Resin and Clear Hardener is intended for use where laminates will remain unpainted, showcasing reinforcements such as carbon fiber, natural fibers, inlaid graphics or beautiful wood grains

EcoPoxy Resin and Clear Hardener will cure to a hard, durable, UV resistant, non-yellowing finish which can be polished to a high gloss. This system offers excellent wetting properties and excellent cured mechanical properties making it suitable for laminating use or finishing sports/recreational equipment like skis, boards or boat decking. This system is formulated to produce high gloss coatings with the best UV stability and superior mechanical and physical properties..