Blue Planet 14’0″ x 26″ Dark Horse Full Carbonfiber

$2,099.99 $1,700.00

The 14’0 x 26″ is a no compromise flatwater board. The subtle rocker was refined for clean trimming, drag reduction and allowing maximum speed. It excels in flat water and light chop, where the pointy displacement hull and soft rails in the front of the board allow a clean entry while the hard rails on the tail help to reduce the wake and minimize drag. This shape is the result of extensive speed testing and is the fastest 14′ shape we have tested.

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Blue Planet Carbonfiber construction boards come with:  Board, Fins, sup grip handle, Double leash plugs, Eva deck pad with dimples, Choice of straight or coil leash, Board bag to protect your investment.

Bamboo colour options are:  White